Ghana Green Coast Company

Mr. Constant is managing consultant in this West-African hospitality and real estate company. With a 150 bedroom hotel and a 120 Villa Park, Ghana Green Coast Company will introduce new innovative sustainable solutions to Ghana. Geothermal cooling, Grey water and integrated Solar Thermal technology. ConstantPartners is responsible for the Parkmanagement, Facility Management, Hospitality and Marketing. To achieve the best results we work closely with local partners and educate and train local professionals.

Kurumba Village, Maldives

In cooperation with the Swiss Consultancy company Hosta AG, Andreas Lötscher, we opened the first 5 star resort on the Maldives. Training local Staff, implementing new food and service concepts and supervising the renovation and redevelopment of an existing resort to 5 star European level.

Hotel De Nieuwe Toekomst, Texel

ConstantPartners was responsible for the FFE, the pre-opening, the entire operations and sales until the project was sold two years after opening. This 3 star, 55 bedroom hotel with restaurant, bar and leisure facilities is situated on the beautiful isle of Texel, Netherlands.

Hotel Kara, Togo - West Africa

This unique and former presidential hotel with 100 rooms and bungalows is situated 220 km North from Togo's capital city Lomé. Mr. Constant first assignment as General Manager and his first experience with Africa. For over 3 years he was responsible for this beautiful hotel where he hosted numerous tourists as well as head of states ,invited by the president of Togo.


ConstantPartners has contributed to various projects over the course of years. Below you can find a selection that reflects the diversity and indicates a broad spectrum of services.

Chateaux et Residences Gastronomiques

Being the founder of this unique association of castles and mansion houses, mr. Constant was chairman for more than 10 years. The successful cooperation between the historic hotels and restaurants has led to numerous customers and a better and inspiring conjunction between the entrepreneurs.

Chateau Jemeppe

After detecting massive fraud ConstantPartners was assigned to reorganize the staff and restore relations with clients and suppliers. During the 3 years of interim management and advisory role the establishment of a new kitchen, 35 new guest rooms and several multifunctional conference rooms were realized. CP was also responsible for the marketing and sales of this unique medieval castle .